4. Lidret

Wi-FiOutside and inside at the same time

4. Lidret, (4+2 beds 58 m2) € 428 – 570 /week

Timbered house with turf roofing. The ground floor has a flooring of slate from Grythyttan, roof with beams and pinewood planks which give a special style. Sofa (with two extra beds) in front of the sat-TV. The large window gives the dining area a wonderful view of the lake.

RitningThe open plan kitchen has been adapted to suit the same style. (electric cooker, warm and cold water, fridge freezer, microwave oven, coffee machine, toaster and cd radio). The bed loft has beams covered with poles and birch bark, everything in original condition. The genuine wooden interior gives a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. A double bed and two single beds. Shower with washroom and toilet. From the garden furniture you will have the fantastic view of the lake.